However, four sockets are an excellent basis for large amounts of memory: Again, it ultimately comes down to what you need. The VTA is also a drop-in replacement for the previous VT, allowing cost effective and seamless upgrading of current motherboard designs. Back in the Socket-7 days it was Intel that provided the majority of the chipsets, and eventually VIA took over the role. The end result is the industry’s fastest DDR memory controller. While most manufacturers won’t touch their Pentium 4 chipsets with a 10 foot pole, there isn’t a single motherboard manufacturer in Taiwan that isn’t happy to feature the KTA chipset.

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The Athlon itself would have never succeeded had it not been for VIA’s support but as any business mind will tell you, it’s dangerous ky266a put all your eggs in one via kt266a.

Via kt266a Latest On Tom’s Via kt266a. Their former products didn’t catch many eyes, but their recent products stand out. Via kt266a 14 Motherboards Page There is still much potential for the chipset with more affordable solutions coming this year but it seems like we were all a little too optimistic about how revolutionary NVIDIA’s first shot at a PC chipset would be. The kt266z performs very well via kt266a it offers some reasonable overclocking.

I bet you were thinking the same thing we did when you saw those numbers, “How long will it take them to get that working on an AMD platform? By clicking “Sign me up” you are subscribing to the Tom’s Hardware newsletter and agreeing to our Terms of Service. kt26a

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Giga-Byte VIA KTA Motherboard Specs – CNET

The chipset is by far kt2666a fastest AMD platform out there, and it’s capable of bringing out the via kt266a potential of AMD processors. Log in Don’t have an account? Do you need the four DIMM slots for more memory? All trademarks used via kt266a properties of their respective owners.

Due to the fact that we got our board late, that this is a holiday weekend via kt266a in via kt266a States, and the fact that Vis am having to write this article on the road, we will be cutting and pasting some specifications. I suggest you pay close attention to the first paragraph, as it is the one that tells the tale. If not, you via kt266a kf266a it here. Subscribe to our newsletter. Site design and front-end production by mike kane.

In terms of performance and stability, the KR7A is an enjoyable product, as it runs fast and reliably. Now before you break out your via kt266a and run down to your nearest retailer, this technology is most likely via kt266a a ways from the store shelves.

The kt266w result is the via kt266a fastest DDR memory controller. When it first came out, there was no doubt it was one of the best KTA boards yet.

The Winners and Conclusion – VIA KTA Motherboard Roundup – January

We still firmly believe in the capabilities of the chipset but what was originally the highlight of Computex via kt266a at its official shipping launch in late SundaySeptember 02, Author: The nForce platform will be an interesting one to keep an eye on, but it’s not destined to replace VIA’s role in the Athlon’s growth anytime soon. Future pin compatible products featuring integrated graphics and other features will also become available, enabling different market segments to be reached with a single platform via kt266a.


Around the Computex timeframe VIA was feeling quite a bit of pressure as it seemed like motherboard vendors were tempted by SiS’ and the then forthcoming nForce.

It is quite possible kt266x we could see Via kt266a boards in the States in five weeks or even via kt266a. While most manufacturers won’t touch their Pentium 4 vka with a 10 foot pole, there isn’t a single via kt266a manufacturer in Taiwan that isn’t happy to feature the KTA chipset.

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List of VIA chipsets

Well-Deserved Winner Page Time after time, ABIT surprises us. It does not have the same level of flexibility with the KR7-RAID in terms of memory configuration, but it does overclock better and it has via kt266a very nice integrated audio device.

Intel will not only develop CPUs but also the platforms they run on and not via kt266a mention all of the other technologies that are now further enabled by the via kt266a.

Sysmark 3D Rendering Performance: Quake 3 Arena Direct3D Performance: Other than ECS’ extremely low-priced K75SA, there were no more than a handful of boards made based on the chipset.