Sign up with Facebook. As long as your learning and having fun figuring stuff out, its great to try and find work a rounds. Let me know if anyone needs it. Im sure you will do the thing that makes you feel good in the long run, and clearly you will give the “client” a break on your price – but you spent way to much time on it already if you ask me. I could of saved myself quite a bit of money by just ordering a new one at the 30 min or hour mark.

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Not meaning to criticize you dude, I have given you my honest opinion on the options.

The gist windowd what I’ve read here is lne100fx there was no solution to the issue of older hardware not being supported, due to the manufacturer dropping the ball on drivers. I hope this helps others in the future. Windows 7 Windows 7. It will give you some info. Adrien de Croy Commented: Sign in with Google.

Lne100tx windows 7 64 bit wanted to help other people with this by getting it to work. If it wasn’t Realtek, it could very well be Broadcom or Atheros.


Privacy Policy Support Terms of Use. Posted November 29, Just out of curiosity, did you try drivers from Realtek?

Linksys LNETX EtherFast 10/ LAN Ethernet Adapter – Microsoft Community

I gotta get this working for a client and I’ve tried several drivers. If you have spent more than 30 minutes on searching google and can not make it work with the modified or drivers for the same chip it uses I would have to assume you have exhausted the possible solutions already.

Have you lne100tx windows 7 64 bit taken it out 664 checked who makes the actual chipset? I highly doubt he want to drop down in OS. Either way you clearly have spent way windoes much time on it already and again in my opinion every continued minute you spend on it is just more money out of your pocket.

Either those other people were just lying about the driver working, or you got something else wrong. Sign in with Twitter.

Linksys LNE100TX on windows vista x64 sp1

This QandA would also help tons of people out there. This topic is now closed to further replies. I’ve tried this one dude’s modded driver that was said to work for other under windows 7 64 bit. As lhe100tx as your learning lne100tx windows 7 64 bit having fun figuring stuff out, its great to try and find work a rounds.


If the driver you found where people have stated it works, does not work. I tried the official latest version and no worky.

Take a look at the link first. About the “spending time thing” I’m very different about that situation.

Sign In or Sign Up. Had to sign it myself. If I don’t find a workable link I’ll just have to charge him anyways and feel bad becuase the guy isn’t doing so well and having family issues: Are you are experiencing a similar issue?

Maybe your time is less valuable then windowd I gotta get this working for a client and I’ve tried several drivers. Bite the cost and buy a new card that is supported lne100tx windows 7 64 bit his OS, period — if you consider the guy more than just a client, sorry. I have literally tried everything