Update your username and password details on your modem and save the changes. Click Accessories then Command Prompt. To find your device’s default password, look for the sticker on the bottom of the modem. Click the Network menu option. If a wireless network is not secure, anyone can connect to it.

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Type in the Default Gateway value in the address bar generic modem press Enter. As generix the network name, devices are assigned default passwords when they’re generic modem.

If you’ve created a unique name for your network, you may recognize it generic modem. Click the System Preferences menu option. However, if you’re gfneric the factory default name, you may need to check your modem for the device’s network name. Although this can have benefits, there are also risks.

When security is enabled on your wireless network, it can only be connected to by first providing generic modem network password. The Network screen should be displayed. Enter a phone number and we’ll SMS a link to this page.


Click Submit with the Password left blank. Going wireless is quite doable, and you can make it happen in your home.

Wireless network connections 101

Generic modem a wireless network is not secure, anyone can connect to it. You may be asked to enter a username and password to access the modem. Belkin modems do not ship with a generic modem password.

Most CenturyLink generic modem are set up to have wireless security turned ON by default. You generic modem need to understand the basics: The network password protects the network from unauthorized users. Click Accessories then Command Prompt. Pressing the reset button not only resets your device’s password but also all the other custom data you may have entered including: Connecting Wi-Fi devices to your modem.

Type in ipconfig and press Enter. Now let’s connect your generic modem devices to your modem. Wireless network connections A black window will appear. Wireless networks can be set up to be either secure or not secure.


Typically, it’ll find more than one network. The link has been sent.

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Mac Click the Apple menu in the top left of your screen. Connecting to a wireless network is easier than it sounds. Please enter a valid Australian mobile number. First, don’t be intimidated. Secure generic modem are indicated by a padlock and are geneic protected. Connect a Generic modem device to your network. Wireless networks are typically listed based on network name, signal strength and security level. Contact us Online help View all.