Are you running version 1. Haven’t had 1 single problem. I had one of there 1watt amps and asked what the maximum cable distance was for injecting power over the LMR. It sees the AP but just won’t associate. I did, then was told, “Sorry, there having a holiday in China and I wasn’t able to find out” I asked a local electrician I bumped into and he guessed about ft right off the top of his head. It supports different output power level settings, bandwidth selection, and RSSI indicator which enables the best transmitting and receiving signal for traffic communication. I’m just so fed up with explaining a problem and only getting, “well it shouldn’t be doing that” My ticked off two cents worth NX.

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Easy to access internet via ISP service authentication.

TreeTopFlyer Member Nov 2: If it’s got version 1. Has anybody else seen this with the CB3.

Engenius Senao mW bg ECBS Review

I am going engenius senao be replacing one of my airbridges next week with engenius senao of the CB3 bridges. I have 6 CB3’s in service; all have 1. So I would like to hear from anyone else that is using them.

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It made a lot more noise than signal and would really pollute any ones spectrum that used it. Let users transfer data between two buildings or multiple buildings. I have been trying out these CB3 Engenius senao Bridges.

Teletronics told me immediatley and also told me the math figures to figure it out. Anyone else have any complaints?

NMP8602+S Senao / Engenius EMP8602+S 600mw wireless 802.11a+b+g miniPCI radio card

TomW0 to engenius senao Member Dec 5: If your does this but won’t work in PtMP mode, it’s probably a bad unit. I do have a CB3 apart as the radio card engeniue dead out of the box: Why not just buy engenius senao Senoa radio and put it in a wet Is there another firmware that I can flash these bridges with? Weather I put engenius senao in the essid or leave it blank when I go back to that page they have wireless entered into it.

We have one that has locked up a few times over a month period. Are you sure you’re set to PtMP?

Engenius (Senao) mW CB3 questions – Wireless Service Providers | DSLReports Forums

It sees the AP but just won’t associate. What I would like to find are the pcmcia boards manufactured engenius senao Bluewire Technologies.


The problem I am having is that they are not getting the signal strength engenius senao I was hoping to get. I think the signal strength reading is off. Ensure the security of network connections.

engenius senao

After that I just hope senaoo it will associate on its own. I engenius senao a new one that did the same thing. By over driving engeniuz card, the engenius senao of band emissions were crazy!. Also, I’ve found that setting the transmission rate to anything but auto will cause problems. Much more reliable than a WET11 too. I started with all Engenius engenius senao I’m now slowly moving away from there equipment.

I put a CB3 up the other day where I was having problems with a smartbridge link. I think it makes a good indoor client in which it was intended to be for.

Or better yet, buy a zcomax radio and a pigtail and put it in a wet Where do you find the firmware upgrades?