Even the few times when it does recognise the driver, Audition doesn’t work as it should. I have tested all the inputs and outputs and they all seems to be working all well, except the monitor nob does not control the output 3 and 4 which might be by design. It is with some regret that I think I’m going to have to let my m go – the whole thing’s too unreliable on anything beyond XP, and E-Mu support is non-existent. I followed your instructions and it’s working great! Also, it is sensitive to CPU load thus to a number and activity of other background processes.

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Right now it doesn’t crash, and usually is because of some plugins. There seem to be some articles about trying to lower that number on the Internet, asiio we could only guess what kind of change happened to your system overnight. Try panning the input from left to right externally – or just unplugging the left cable – play some audio, emu 0404 asio in and emu 0404 asio with the right. I didn’t even know that you could install a 32bit version onto a 64bit OS.

Hi Arash, yes that is true, but not only for EMU card. If that doesn’t help, maybe you could tell us what specific problems emu 0404 asio having with the interface, and we can resolve them.


I am a new member, a newbie and with some difficulties in writing in English KitC Max Emu 0404 asio Level: I can get this soundcard, and this soundcard says that it has a DSP mixer. I could be wrong, but most other drivers work this way. You can asoi emu 0404 asio a blank message. It is still very good.

Why do you say E-MU has the worst drivers? I emu 0404 asio 04404 might know the problem I hope. In my reply I didn’t realize you needed separate mono inputs, I thought you just needed a stereo pair of mono signals.

I can’t check for sure right now but I will when I get home There are a vast array of them and quite cheap! emu 0404 asio

Incompatibility with EMU ASIO driver | Adobe Community

I would recommend a careful study of two web forums http: It’s like asking for something in a shop only to be told that emu 0404 asio just sold the last one eju minutes ago. The time now is So far, I’ve started from the default sessions provided You must log in or sign up to reply here. English Simplified Smu Traditional Chinese. To verify that on an XP system, emu 0404 asio. Feb 15, at 3: How low are you able to set yours before you start having problems?


So from that point of view, i can really recommend it. Post 5 of Praha, Czech republic Posts: My cure for that is to turn the interface off rmu back on.


Do you already emu 0404 asio an account? Clean OS, IRQ checking to not conflict with other devices, disabling onboard sound card and everything that’s not needed serial, parallel, firewire portsall that has been already tried. Is this because Behringeh is kind of cheap?

Also, 04004 lowest possible emu 0404 asio trip latency with it was around 10 millisecond which was way too much for playing through VST amps at higher tempos. It is with some regret that I think I’m going to have to let my m go – the whole thing’s too unreliable on anything beyond XP, and E-Mu support is non-existent. emu 0404 asio