Marketed in and only in China. Showcased at Comdex Fall ‘ Indoor pictures became to dark, you had to use the camera outside. The camera was then licensed to Vivitar. They differ completely when we take a look at the top side of the camera where the controls are.

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That was twice the price of a compact-size car or five personal computers back then.

It’s one of the most popular OEM cameras worldwide. A camera more in the traditional analog camera style. Lost strobe, audio interface and voice memo function.

Built by Chinonnot Dycam as many assume. With the ArcSoft programm you could bloat the picture up to x pixels.

Apparently Pretec had two different versions as you can tell by the photos look at the Pretec logo. The digital photograph is dibital when taken and stored on the camera’s memory chip.

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Something the Nikon CoolPix also could. So where does this camera come from? Obsdian Imaging first a subsidiary of Epix then in Epix changed it’s name to Obsidian Imaging took this camera to the next level by developing a way of encrypting the images in the camera to safeguard secret agents. The camera used Compact Flash cards for storage and the display on the back could be tilted a little for angle shots.


The camera itself is pretty heavy and looks very sturdy in it’s ‘full aluminium jacket’. Oh and again, please note the two different Praktica versions!

Rigital anyone knows anything please let me know.

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! The Premier one was eventually sold in small amounts, the MAG innovision in even less. Their first and only digital camera.

Although it didn’t sell too well, there was still a strong fanbase making it a popular item in Japan. The Konica was only sold in France btw. Umax and Mitsubishi were apparently the only licensees to market this one. The DS is a tidbit harder to find because fewer units were sold.

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This was made possible by using the Fujifilm HT transmitter. DNT is a german consumer technology company.

It wasn’t even the slimmest camera but instead rather bulky. I hated doing this one but csmera it is and I am so not going to explain the differences between all of them nor the individual years in which the cameras were marketed.


The Kodak DC stands apart too as it was actually a revised version of the other models.

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The camera was marketed in and was well accepted. Shown at Coputex Taipei Some only took 2MB 5V cards, others took 3. Ricoh also intended, as the first camera company ever, to market the DC-3 in a multitude of different body colors. But don’t think that Dycam went out of business.

The one you idgital in the picture is such a camera. I am not sure if Seagull actually sold this camera but the others certainly did. In this was not only the world’s first digital camera with a CMOS sensor instead of CCD imaging sensor but also the cheapest “high-quality digital camera” back then.