Thanks to Cronos from Venom for the interview. They’ll be wanting 8-Tracks next [laughs]. Sun May 17, An excerpt from the chat follows:. It was a pleasure to play. NorthernDarkness6 Metal newbie Joined:

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Not metal, sure, but definitely a lot more brutal. Not really a feud, but Deiphago, being the tr00 warriors and defenders of Bestial BM and all that kind of crap bashed Blasphemophager for being posers and sucking their label’s dick Nuclear War Now for having a song called “Nuclear War Now”, which appears on one of Blasphemophager records I believe.

In the one I was originally referring to, Dio simply said that he hopes Campbell “fucking dies”, and that he really is a piece of shit.

You get separation and detail that would often be lost otherwise. That is the kind of thing I like about this band, decildriver the ideas are not forced. Maybe time has changed him.

You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts devlidriver this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. If you asked Revolver about Bathory, they would say, “Why should we mention some crazy countess who died years ago? His stature also through Dave off all of this according to Mustaine the book. What a funny ass name. Mon Ln 07, 2: Yes, I’m the producer and I’m going to oversee the entire project but I want to make sure that you guys are happy with what you’re doing.

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But, I mean he was the guy who just sat in the hotel room and everybody got on with it anyway. They managed to grasp that fucking real sense of guitar in your face, you know? I think the guys in Metallica suffer from a condition known as Metal Sclerosis: You can put that in press.

How will that be significantly different from the CD and download versions? Are you going to do the tour? They’re pretenders to a throne that doesn’t exist.! Although, that being said, back in when I went to see Anthrax at a Tower Records store signing event during Clash of the Titans, the only “cool” one was Frankie. When you were on the road with them did you foresee any potential in them that hinted at what they’d become?

What delayed its release and what if anything changed about the album over that time? Empyreal, exsiccation, slavonic, theposega, Velmu and 9 guests.

Because I too, have only heard that Scott is the douche el grande of that band. Deivldriver remember reading a really funny interview with Proscriptor Absumaking fun of the former Dark Funeral guitar player.


The new album was initially expected to be released early last year. Venom’s new album, ‘Storm the Gates,’ is out now on Napalm Records and can be ordered here. One Gorgoroth hijacked by King and Gaahl, and the other remaining Infernus. They were just some Dutch thrash band.

Devildriver: New Song ‘My Night Sky’ Available For Streaming –

Part of Ozzy’s stage-show involved the mock execution of a midget by hanging, possibly a incredibly childish gibe at RJD’s height. Ashes to play bass on its upcoming tour, which kicks off at the end of next month. Promoters had to take off RC out of the ccronos. Home Gear Factor Lists. –

Yeah, we’ve done vinyl for quite decildriver lot of the albums now and they go over really well. Apparently wakemeup36 beat me to it. They should want to better themselves as musicians, want to challenge themselves and do things that scare them.

I don’t think Dez would do something like that Never the less.