I’ll tell you what, why doesn’t everyone who feels this is cool send this guy some money. Now the consumer RMA’s a board. You’ll have to delete Windows from the recovery console, of course. So yes, I get pretty pissed when someone comes out and wants to RMA a mobo they killed. To get a clean install happening get a dos boot disk and format the drive. When someone RMA’s a board it really doesn’t raise costs That’s what absolutely stuns me about many of the posters.

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Now, imagine your OS is s7n8x to the hard-drive at the time of an error in memory or during a reboot due to CPU errors.

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If a system starts getting wonky, switch the drive. In my case a more liberal return policy would be gold. That’s despite the fact that I didn’t break it. Then you can reinstall windows XP fine.

I don’t have the mental fortitude to put myself through that repeatedly. Aug 16, Posts: I think these threads should be locked, just like warez threads.

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs – Motherboard Specifications, A7N8X-LA (Explorer 2)

Cognivore Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Real money nwtwork lost by comapanies who have to deal with scumbags who RMA equipment that they killed. Remember, first things first, bring everything back to stock speed before you do anything.


You purposely overclock, voiding your warranty and complain how you killed it and then say you want to RMA it?

You could try using another XP chip if you can get your hands on it. I’ve seen quite a few different solutions for this problem, they either didn’t work or I didn’t understand them. That’s how it’s going to work if netwirk decide to RMA my mobo.

overclocking killed my network on A7n8X, HELP!!

The defect rate is about the same for all the boards, but a higher number of Asus owners means a higher number of defective Asus boards. Northbridge – nForce2 SPP There’s an integrated graphics version but I’ll ignore the fact that exists for the purposes of this review. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. I haven’t had much luck using this tool in the past, though. So then what would be my issue then? I highly doubt it.

I have the cpu running at stock right now and it doesnt help. You may want to take out Program Files at this point too, although that is optional. For those of you that disagree with me you know what I have to say to you too.

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You’re going to have to do a clean install of XP however. Ethernet Adapter not working or Network not working The diff between this and warez is that with warez, companies lose theoretical money- they may have lost a potential sale.

I’ll give you an example. It happens a ndtwork and it’s wrong. Did i kill a part of my mobo or something?

Mar 18, Posts: We’ve all got old drives laying around, grab one put 2k on it and then try booting off it. Network Adapter Working but no Internet on Suse Negwork device 01ef rev a2 Dec 8, Posts: You’ll thank me, and yourself. The SPP bridge gives us the following.